What is the meaning of shrink machine?

1. What is the meaning of shrink machine
For the heat shrinking machine, it has brought great convenience to our production and life, and its significance and influence are extremely important. As a highly automated machine that does not require too many manual operations to complete the work of processing and packaging, it greatly reduces the cost of manufacturing products for those manufacturers, and the cost of manufacturing products can also greatly reduce labor. Our scientific research results are well integrated into the production of shrinking machines, so that this machine can replace our manual operation, which is more convenient to operate.

2. What is the development prospect of the shrink machine?
Nowadays, all the products in our daily life are basically wrapped with a layer of film after packaging, so for today's people, the role of the shrinking machine can be imagined. So how is the development of the specific shrink machine? What kind of development prospects does it have?
In order to better respond to the packaging needs of major manufacturers, the current shrinking machine has also resulted in a very complete variety and a large number of types. As far as our domestic shrinking machine manufacturers are concerned, there are thousands of shrinking machine manufacturers in my country, and my country has become one of the countries with the largest production and demand for this machine.
Although the demand is large, the production volume is also large, and the sales volume is also large, most of the shrinking machine industries in our country are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, and a few are large enterprises.
Judging from the current development of our country, our country is actively making progress, carrying out a lot of innovation and creation in scientific research, and is committed to creating a machine that can better meet the needs of the masses. At the same time, with the continuous adjustment of global industrial institutions, the packaging and processing machinery industry has also greatly accelerated the pace of industrial restructuring.

3. What are the characteristics of shrink-packaging machine?
It can be transmitted through electronic-level variable speed, which is not only stable and reliable, has a long service life, but also reduces noise.
The far-infrared tube heating method can not only continuously generate infrared radiation for high-temperature heating during operation, but also cooperate with powerful wind circulation to make the temperature of the heating chamber more uniform, and at the same time, it can save electricity for manufacturers.
All the electrical components of this shrinking machine are high-quality international and domestic brand-name components, which also effectively guarantees the overall quality of the entire machine, allowing customers to feel more at ease when purchasing.

4. What is a shrink machine?
The shrinking machine is the so-called packaging of the products produced by shrinking the film, and the outer film can shrink and wrap the product by heating, which increases the aesthetics of the product, improves the sales of the product, and also enhances the sense of value of the product.
Many products now have to be packaged and processed by shrinking machines. The sealed and moisture-proof functions of the processed products are very good. At the same time, the processed products can be isolated from the outside world to prevent external pollution as much as possible. It can also protect the product from external shocks and has a certain buffering effect.

5. How to adjust the length of the tape of carton sealing machine?
Tape is the main consumable of the carton sealing machine. The carton sealing mainly relies on the tape to stick and stick. The tightness of the tape directly affects the sealing effect. Therefore, it is very important for the installation and adjustment of the tape. Xiaozhu today Let's briefly introduce how to adjusts the length and tightness of the sealing tape.

1. First, put the new OPP tape roll on the mandrel, as shown in the figure, second, pull out the tape, go around roller C and then go around roller B along the line, third, go around roller D, and finally put the tape through Pass the tape seat E out of the roller F, as shown in the following figure. It is important to note throughout the process that the sticky side of the tape must be facing outwards.

2. The tape moving diagram is as shown in the figure:

3. Adjust the position of the tape as shown in the figure:
If the tape is not on the center line of the box, please refer to the following figure to adjust: Loosen the nut B, then adjust the spindle with a screwdriver, so that the tape position can be adjusted.

4. Adjust the tape tension as shown in the figure:
Rotating the knob can make the tape roll rotate at a moderate speed, loosen the nut M8, adjust the front and rear positions of the screw M8×50, and change the elastic force of the long tension spring of the pendulum rod, thereby controlling the magnitude of the tape tension. Rotate the knob clockwise, the tension of the tape will become larger, and vice versa; if the screw M8×50 is adjusted forward, the tension of the tape will become larger, and vice versa.

The above are the precautions for the adjustment and installation of the sealing machine tape introduced by Dingye Xiaozhu. Hope everyone can operate the tape sealing machine normally.

6. What are the quick-wear parts of the carton sealing machine?
As we know that any equipment will have some quick-wear accessories, for the tape sealing machine, what are its quick-wear accessories?

1. Cutter. There is no doubt that the cutter plays a vital role in the process of sealing the box, so after prolonged use, the cutter becomes unsharp and needs to be replaced.

2. Tool holder tension spring. Its function is to help the cutter to swing back and forth. Once the cutter works, the tension spring will work once. Therefore, this part is also listed as one of the vulnerable parts of the sealing machine.

3. Conveyor belt. The conveyor belt is mainly used to clamp the carton forward and convey it forward. After a long time, the pattern on the belt will be smoothed, which will weaken the friction force of the belt, and there will be slippage during the working process. At this time, the belt needs to be replaced.

In fact, whether it is a box sealing machine, a box unpacking machine or other packaging equipment, as long as the user operates normally according to the operating procedures and carefully maintained, the use of the equipment will become very simple and the failure rate will be low.

7. Maintenance method of L-type semi-automatic sealing and cutting machine:
1. After a day's work, don't forget to use a wire brush and release agent for cleaning and maintenance of the blade. As for the moving parts, remember to add lubricant frequently to ensure the normal operation of each part.
2. The contact surface of the blade is an important part of the sealing and cutting machine, that is, the silicone strip should be well protected. If the outer high-temperature varnish is found to be burned, the parts should be replaced immediately.
3. To replace the sealing and cutting blade, loosen the fixed chuck that presses the sealing and cutting blade, take out the sealing and cutting blade, clean the blade groove, install a new blade, place it in the groove and press it tightly, and fix both ends of the blade to the blade fixing clips In the head, press the spring and fix the screw.
4. If the sealing and cutting machine cannot seal and cut the film or the sealing and cutting effect is not good, it may be caused by the following reasons:
 There is no voltage at both ends of the sealing and cutting blade (the sealing and cutting transformer is damaged or the connection line is open, reconnect or replace)
The power supply voltage is too low (configure the input power supply with voltage regulation)
 Improper adjustment of the sealing and cutting time or damage to the time relay (re-adjust or replace)
 The cut surface of the blade is not flat (it may be that the cleaning groove is not enough, and the blade is re-installed)
The blade is broken or has poor contact (need to adjust or replace the blade)

8. How to extend the service life of food vacuum packaging machine?
The life of the vacuum packaging machine mainly includes the following 10 points:
1. The temperature of the vacuum packaging machine should be -10°C-50°C, the relative humidity should not be greater than 85%, and there should be no corrosive gas in the surrounding air.
Use in a dust-free, non-explosive hazard environment.
2. The food vacuum packaging machine is not allowed to be tilted and bumped during the handling process, and it is not allowed to be tilted for handling.
3. When the food vacuum packaging machine is working, it is first ventilated and then powered on, and when it is stopped, it is powered off first and then cut off.
4. The general working air pressure of food vacuum packaging machine is more suitable at 5-6KG. Do not adjust too much without special requirements.
5. The food vacuum packaging machine should ensure that the vacuum pump works normally, and the vacuum pump motor is not allowed to reverse. The oil level should be checked frequently,
The normal oil level is 1/2-3/4 of the oil window (can not exceed).
6. When there is moisture in the vacuum pump of the food vacuum packaging machine or the color of the oil turns black, the new oil should be replaced at this time (generally, it should be replaced once every one or two months after continuous operation, and 1# vacuum gasoline or 30# gasoline or engine oil can also be used).
7. When the food vacuum packaging machine works continuously for 2-3 months, the back cover should be opened, and the sliding parts and switch bumps should be lubricated.
Lubricate each connection activity on the heating rod according to the usage.
8. Clean the dust and dirt in the pump cavity of the vacuum pump once every six months, and clean the fan hood, fan wheel, ventilation grille, and cooling fins (clean with compressed air).
9. Change the exhaust filter once a year, clean or replace the intake filter (clean with compressed air).
10. On the heating rod of the food vacuum packaging machine, the second layer of paste under the heating sheet plays an insulating role. When it is damaged, it should be replaced in time to avoid short circuit.
If you can do the above ten points as much as possible, you can effectively maintain the life of the vacuum packaging machine, make the life of the vacuum packaging machine longer, and save your packaging costs and packaging costs more effectively.

9. Classification of band sealer
Band sealer is that seals a container filled with packaging. There are many materials for making packaging containers, such as paper, plastic, glass, plastic film, ceramics, metal, composite materials, etc., and the shape and physical properties of packaging containers are also different. Therefore, the sealing form and sealing machine used are also different.

1. Definition of band sealer: It is a machine that seals a bag filled with packaging.

2. Classification of band sealer: There are three main types of sealing machines: 1. Hand impulse 2. Foot pedal 3. Continuous. Color belt coding machine)

The main types are:

No sealing material sealing machine. Including hot-pressing, cold-pressing, fusion-welding, plug-in, folding and other sealing machines.

There is a sealing material sealing machine. Including rotary type, knurling type, crimping type, pressing type and other sealing machines.

There is an auxiliary sealing material sealing machine. Including tape type, adhesive type, staple type, ligation type, suture type and other sealing machines, after the product is put into the packaging container, in order to keep the product sealed, maintain product quality, and avoid product loss, the packaging container needs to be sealed. This operation is done on the sealing machine. The sealing machine refers to a machine that seals the container after the product is contained in the packaging container. There are many materials for making packaging containers, such as paper, plastic, glass, ceramics, metal, composite materials, etc., and the shape and physical properties of packaging containers are also different. Therefore, the sealing forms and sealing devices used are also different.

10. Automatic carton Erector drawing
In order to let everyone better understand the structure of the carton Erector, the following editor shows the drawing of the it, hope it will help you, look at the following picture to compare the working principle of the automatic carton Erector, maybe this can let you more detailed Learn about this machine.

11. What is a carton Erector?
The carton Erector is equipment that opens the cardboard box, folds the bottom of the box according to a certain procedure, seals the bottom with tape and sends it to the packing machine.
The function of the carton Erector is to automatically unpack a large number of cartons, automatically fold the cover and automatically seal the bottom side, and all the machines are controlled by PLC and display together, which can complete the carton suction and unpacking at one time. , forming, bottom folding, bottom sealing and other packaging processes, easy to operate, easy to manage, can also reduce production personnel and labor intensity, is an essential equipment in automated large-scale production.