handheld on line expiry date printing machine
handheld on line expiry date printing machine

DY-X3 On-line type inkject printer

Model NO.

DY-X3 on line type inkjet printer

Product Description

1. Adopt the world's leading engine--Hewlett Packard, swappable cartridge, plug to play
2. WiFi transmission (limit Andrews)
3. 600dpi high-definition printing , the printing quality like as photo
4. Dual nozzle design, you can manually switch to another nozzle when the printing quality not good
5. Simple operation, without the guidance of professional personnel,just 30 minutes to learn
6. Long standby 10 hours
7. Multiple password-protected ,100% security
8. Self-testing, reading and cleaning
9. Offer exclusive toolbox, all the tools included
1 All in one box design  
2 Ultra portable, capable of printing anywhere at any angle
3 Built-SD card slot for software upgrade &data backup
4 Dual Switchable Nozzle Design (DSND)   
5 Allows you to switch nozzles when one is not performing properly
6 Hot-Swap: circuit safeguard for quick ink cartridge changeover
7 LOG report for security check
8 Multi-level password protection
9 System backup &restore to ensure your data is secured
10 Touch screen is more convenient to set logo or date

Automobile part, Beverages, Cosmetics, Electronic Component, Foods, Pharmaceuticals, Stone & Wooden, products, Eggs, Pipes & Tubes, Cables & Wires etc.
Machine size:L14cm*W 8cm*H 23.5cm (including handle)
Weight:about 800 grams (without ink box)Stored information: unlimited storage
Segmenting function: 5 segmentPrecision of printing: 300DPI
Screen size: 5-inch touch screen (10.8*6.5cm)Count sequence number: 1-8digits
Count sequence number: 1-8digitsBar code: bar code and variable QR code
Environment: temperature 0-40ºC, humidity 10-80%Ink properties: dry and oiliness
External interface: charging interface, RS232 serial port, USB transmission interface
Fast drying color: black, red, blue, yellowOiliness color: black
Cartridge capacity: 42CC (T-X), 45 (T-Y)Printer: complete synchronous machine
Spray printing distance: 2-5mmJet printing height:1/2 inch (T-X), 1 inch (T-Y)
Speed of printing: 60m/minPower parameter: DC14.8V lithium battery
Automatic inkjet printing: date, count, batch number, serial number, etc.
Because of product upgrading, all of the above mentioned product specification, colour, design, function,if changed in the future, please contact our sales staff on time.

Printer packing list
Note:""to be standard,"O"pay for 
Note: Online inkjet printers should add bracket and sensor.
NoPart nameQty          Exterior    Handheld     Online     
1High-end chassis1
2Hand-held inkjet printer      1
3Online inkjet printer1
4Charger (16.8V 1A)1
5Adapter (16V-3A)1
7Photoelectric sensors1
9Ink cartridge1OO
11Printer operation manual1

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