metal detector machine
metal detector machine

JS-400 Metal detector

Model NO.
The metal detector is specially used for the detection of ferrous metals and non-ferrous metal impurities in foods such as meat, fungi, candy, beverages, grains, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, aquatic products, health products, additives and condiments.
For metal impurities detection in chemical raw materials, rubber, plastics, textiles, leather, chemical fibers, toys
For metal impurity detection in medicine, health care products, biological products, cosmetics, gifts, packaging, and paper products

1. High sensitivity and stability
2. Intelligent product study mode, can fit for more types of product.
3. Detecting sensitivity and phase angle dividual adjustment,two frequency optional.
4. Use LCD display and touch-key intergrated panel,friendly interface and easy to operation.
5. Based on digital signal processing technology ,Hi accuracy detection.

6. IP54 product degree and strong stainless steel frame
◆ Designed for food industrial and pharmaceutical industrial use.
◆ Also can fit for detecting the chemical products, rubber products.
 Model JS-400(150mm)
 Detection Method Balanced Coil
 Detection Ability Fe¢1.0-1.2mm SUS¢2.0-2.5mm
 Detection Adjustment Sensitive(1%-100%) Phase Angle(0°-180°)Adjustable

 Tunnel Width 350mm
 Rejection Pusher
 Alarm Method Buzzer
 Belt Speed 16-32m/minAdjustable
 Power Source 220V  50HZ
 Rated Output Appr.90W
 Dimension 1500mm(L)*980mm(W)*750+50mm(H)
 Weight Appr.240Kg


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